Cute Christmas Present Ideas for Everyone

I don’t know about you guys, but Wosh is super excited for Christmas and can’t wait to share the festive season with you. Wosh loves this time of year and looks forward to being there for you alongside his plushie friends. They have so much love and loads of hugs to give to all your family and friends!

Wosh has some pretty great ideas about which of his plushie friends would be great Christmas presents this year, including himself of course ;-)

Christmas present ideas for kids

Wosh will instantly become your little one’s best friend - the bond between Wosh and your child will make your Christmas really special. Wosh needs a home and a loving family to celebrate with and get plenty of hugs from everyday. We recommend a mummy or daddy Wosh as they’re such a fun size for them to play with, and of course, get a big Wosh cuddle!

Just like Wosh, Woshette needs an awesome family to join this Christmas, with an Extra-Large Woshette comes an extra amount of love, your child will adore how big she is to cuddle! She is such a cute pink plushie ready to give so many hugs!

Wosh’s friend Stubby the Seal is the cutest guy and is arguably one of the cuddliest, most adorable plushies you have ever seen. Stubby loves being there for others and would absolutely love to spend Christmas with you!

Or why not give a Christmas Wosh a home this year? Spread the love of Wosh throughout your household this season and have a Festive Green Wosh or Magical White Wosh waiting for your little one on Christmas morning!

Christmas present ideas for teenagers

Wosh can relate to everyone and really understands how difficult teenage life can be. If you’re looking for Christmas present ideas for teenagers, why not bring home a Wosh?! 

Wosh is there if life feels hard - find comfort in his soft fur against your cheek, look into his eyes and enjoy a familiar warm fuzzy feeling. He can let you know he understands your problems, without even speaking a single word - we all need that reassurance from a mummy, daddy or baby Wosh.

Woshette is Wosh’s girlfriend, lucky him! She is so cute and also loves to be there for teenagers - she understands what it’s like to feel alone sometimes from before she met Wosh and wants to comfort those that feel that way. Mummy or Baby Woshette would love to be part of your teenagers Christmas this year.

Cooper the Corgi is one of Wosh’s coolest plushie friends, he’s so loveable and has so many hugs to give your teenager through emotional times. He is filled with a super soft material for all their cuddling needs, he enjoys relaxing and giving you lots of attention. He’s such a calm corgi looking for a loving home this Christmas - he comes in three cute colours and sizes :-)

Sully the Sheba is another one of Wosh’s extremely chunky plushie best friends who is really excited about joining a loving family this Christmas. Sully is great to cuddle up to and watch a movie or just relax with - because of her extra thickness she gives the best hugs. Sully the Sheba comes in various different colours and sizes to suit your loved one.

Christmas present ideas for adults 

Wosh is here for you, no matter what age you are he makes a great plushie present. He’s been waiting patiently to be there for someone that needs it - what better time than Christmas? 

Gaze into his eyes after a hard day's work and he’ll always show you love... sometimes that’s just what you need when adult life can be testing. This Baby Wosh is too cute!

Adults need hugs just as much as kids, a Woshette makes a great adult plushie present for those that are leading stressful lives and just need that comfort at home. 

Woshette is quite possibly even slighter cuter than Wosh (Sssh...don’t tell him) she’s looking for a warm home this Christmas where she can have endless hugs and be there for support. Woshette is the most adorable pink plushie Christmas present.

And don't forget our limited edition Festive Green Wosh or Magical White Wosh if you're looking for a really special Christmas present idea this year.

Thoughtful Christmas present ideas

Wosh is the perfect plushie gift for anyone that just needs some love - if you’re looking to send a thoughtful gift this Christmas, a Wosh can be just like sending a hug!

Wosh and Woshette come in lots of didn’t huggable sizes - perfect if you want to buy a special Christmas gift for a friend who you can’t always hug in real life.. why not send them a Wosh hug instead!


Christmas plush gifts

Wosh has sooo many plushie friends that are waiting to be a gift to someone this Christmas, they all have the same thing in common, they love being there for you!

    Stubby Seal - such a charming guy, he’s crazy soft and will always be there for you no matter what!

    Cooper the Corgi - he’s so adorable and up for unlimited hugs and attention.

    Sully the Shiba - she means business when it comes to cuddles, she’s soft on the outside as well as the inside.


    Christmas presents for Wosh fans 

    For those that love Wosh as much as we do, we’ve got some super cool Wosh gifts to buy this Christmas. 

    Our limited edition Christmas Wosh comes in Green and White - be quick if you want to buy this Christmas plushie!

    Wosh always likes to look after people, so he’s got a couple of awesome Wosh masks for those who want to protect themselves against coughs, colds and COVID. He has a Multi-colour Woshy Mask and a Pink Woshy Mask - what a perfect stocking filler!

    If you’re buying Christmas presents for a Wosh fan, they will love a Woshy Cap to wear out and about. The cap comes in so many different colours and designs meaning you can really make this accessory your own.


    Wosh wants everyone to know he’s here for them this Christmas, this time of year isn’t full of joy for everyone, some are missing loved ones or may just be struggling to feel festive. 

    Wosh understands everyone's needs and values their individual feelings, he’s here to spread love and warmth this Christmas - so don’t forget to make sure he makes it into lots of homes to be there for those that need it.

    Remember Wosh loves you and wishes you a Merry Christmas xxx

    P.S. Our last ordering date for Europe & USA to receive your Wosh in time for Christmas is the 10th December - don’t miss out, get your orders in at Woshlife :-)

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