Easy ways to treat someone special this Valentine's day

It’s the month of love with Valentine’s Day approaching… the day when you get to show the special people in your life just how much they mean to you! 

Wosh loves you, he’s here for you, and his greatest wish is to bring you joy and understanding. As he’s such a comfort to those who know and love him, he wanted to share some easy ways you can also spread kindness and love to those around you.

So here are 5 easy ways to treat someone this Valentine’s day….


Valentine’s Day idea 1) Write a thoughtful card or special note

Although Wosh is an Instagram Influencer and loves a DM, he knows that actually putting pen to paper goes a long way when it comes to showing someone how much you care.

Take the time to write a little card or kind message to your favourite people, or even get creative with an original poem! You could talk about when you first met, the memories you’ve made with each other and how much you value them.

If you wanted it to be extra special you could make a Valentine’s card by hand and personalise it with your very own design.


Valentine’s Day idea 2) Cook a special meal or bake their favourite cake!

They say food is the language of love and the way to someone’s heart, so why not cook your loved one their favourite meal or bake their favourite cake as a sign of how much they mean to you. 

You could even include Valentine’s- inspired accompaniments, like heart-shaped chocolates and champagne. Chef Wosh loves to cook for his loved ones on Valentine's Day and thinks it’s the most romantic gesture you can do!


Valentine’s Day idea 3) Take them on a romantic stroll

Pick somewhere really special that you’ve shared an important moment with the one you love, or your BFF, and take them there on a surprise trip. 

Maybe it’s where you watched an amazing sunset, where you held hands for the first time or where you always go together. Take a flask of hot chocolate and some strawberries and cream as a real treat  - maybe even get a snap to mark the special moment together. Wosh loves a photo (for the ‘Gram!).



Valentine’s Day idea 4) Help your special someone relax and unwind

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath? And what better way to surprise your loved one after a busy day than the chance to lie back and let their cares wash away.

Choose a delicious smelling bath bomb and light some candles around the bathroom. Pop a fluffy towel and some fresh pyjamas out for them, and maybe even offer a back or foot massage afterwards to really help them unwind.

It doesn’t take much, but thoughtful gestures like this show them that you really care!


Valentine’s Day idea 5) Spread the love with their very own Wosh!

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift? Or even a Galentines gift idea? Wosh and Woshette are always looking for new friends to hug!

Send your loved one a Wosh or Woshette this Valentine’s Day and let your special person know that they’ll always be looked after. 

Wosh is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift - he will watch over them in a satisfying, glorious peace and be there to comfort them whenever they need to know they’re not alone.



Whatever you decide to do for the special people in your life this Valentine’s Day don’t forget it’s the simple, thoughtful gestures that go a long way and really show you care. 

Wosh says get out there and spread the love every day - we should all be more Wosh!

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