Finding the perfect name for your Wosh and other plushies!

Why name your Wosh?

Choosing a name for your Wosh is really important! When your Wosh arrives all ready for a hug, you’re not just adding to your plushie collection, but you’re introducing a very special friend to your home. 

Wosh can be a life-long companion and can accompany you on all your adventures. He will provide you with comfort and watch over you in satisfying glorious peace, so you may like to give him a name so he feels really welcome.

It’s a memorable moment when naming your plushie, it creates a special connection with your new friend. The name will stay with your Wosh for life and will give your Wosh an instant personality and presence, so you’ll be truly blessed by his presence.

How to find a name for your plushie

Sometimes a name for your Wosh might come to you instantly - maybe you’ll spot a feature or the colour of your Wosh reminds you of something. Or perhaps it comes to you easily based on the qualities of your plushie.

You might have some names that you’ve always been fond of that are perfect for your Wosh. Or you could think of your favourite films, books or famous people that have cool names that you would want to give to your plushie friend.

We’ve come up with a selection of some our favourite name ideas for both Wosh and Woshette, but of course, Wosh and Woshette will adore whatever name you choose from them!


Name ideas for Wosh

Cute Names - Cuddles, Snuggles, Fudge and Ted

Traditional Names - Edward, Theo, Henry and Charlie

Fun names - Slug, Nostrils, Squishy and Tubby


Name ideas for Woshette

Cute Names - Honey, Baby, Princess and Peach

Traditional Names - Emma, Elsa, Millie and Olivia

Fun Names - Tiddles, Poppet, Woshetta and Ditsy


We have some amazing Wosh friends as part of our social media family - Wosh loves seeing all the names you guys come up with for his plushie pals. Here’s some of his top names that he absolutely loves…..

Meet Walter…..

Say hello to Evie…...

Looking sharp Nigel!

Be sure to share your Wosh or Woshette with us on Instagram or Facebook, Wosh loves to meet his family all around the world! 

Or even if you’ve yet to be graced by the presence of Wosh, let us know any names you would love to give him or Woshette… maybe it’s time to bring your new friend home? Remember Wosh loves you!

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