Frequently Asked Questions about Wosh!

I'm sure a lot of people have a lot of questions about Wosh. Don't worry! I'm here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who, or what, is Wosh?

Wosh Plush is a cute little guy who loves everyone, no matter what!

Wosh loves you <3 He loves having cuddles every day, and getting lots of love and attention! Make sure your Wosh gets at least one hug per day, otherwise he will be very sad :(

Just remember, every choice you've ever made in your life has led to this moment, to meeting Wosh, to reading this text right now.  Now is your chance to own your Wosh, make sure you do the right thing.

We got inspiration for the Wosh Life Plushie from a dutch statue. Now we're set on spreading the word of Wosh worldwide. Help us on this journey, send Wosh to your family and friends!

Read more about Wosh on our "Who is Wosh" post


Why hasn't my order shipped yet?

Sometimes we have delays with shipping (usually due to high demand, it turns out a LOT of people love Wosh!). We promise that you will receive your tracking number soon. However, if you are concerned feel free to shoot us an email using the link below - we're happy to answer any questions :)


Where is my Wosh?

If your order has shipped, you will have recieved an email/text with a tracking number, this will tell you where your order is at the moment!

If you are worried though, shoot us an email - we don't bite!


How long does shipping take?

Here are the average shipping times:

United Kingdom: 5-6 Working Days

United States: 2-4 weeks

Worldwide: 2-4 weeks

We hope this is ok!


Can I be a sponsor of Wosh, and advertise him?

We accept new influencers all the time! Please shoot us an email using the contact form with the subject "WOSH INFLUENCER". We'll get back to you ASAP and see what we can do!


Where can I see more Wosh?

Right now we're on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok! Make sure you're following us!

Wosh Instagram: @WoshLife (

Wosh Facebook:

Wosh TikTok: @WoshLife


Can I get a Wosh Plushie for free!?

We do giveaways pretty often on instagram, make sure you're following us to keep up to date!

Instagram: @WoshLife


Returns & Refunds

At Wosh.Life we take pride in the quality of Wosh as well as customer satisfaction. That means if you don't like Wosh, we will accept a return and refund within 30 days of purchase - no questions asked.

To get in touch, please contact us using the form here:


  • Do you sell accessories for wosh like clothing?? My son wants to dress his up for Halloween and Christmas

  • Do you still have Woshette?

    Liz Harrison
  • Hi. I’d like to buy but am in UK. Do they dispatch from USA? If so, I’ll have to pay customs charge as well as postage… thanks


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