Top tips to support your friends long distance

Many of us have experienced long-distance friendships and relationships, but during the pandemic, lots more people have been separated from their loved ones for long periods, which is hard!

Wosh values his friendships very much and always tries to show his appreciation to the special people in his life - he loves knowing so many people all over the world, but doesn’t get to see everyone as much as he would like. 

So what does Wosh do to make his faraway friends feel loved? Here are some of his top tips to support your long-distance friends...

Make a friendship check-in plan

It’s a really good idea to plan in a time each week or month to catch up, that way you don’t go long periods without staying connected. 

Life is busy and it’s easy for time to go by without checking in, so arranging a Thursday evening call, Sunday morning Facetime or lunchtime text helps you both feel supported. 

It could only be a quick 10 minute chat or silly gif, but it’s often these little things that help friends know you care.

Keep in touch with friends on social media

Social media makes it so simple to keep in touch and you can be really creative, sending photos and voice notes - got a long distance friendship group? Why not make a group chat?

A quick snap of a friendly dog you saw on your way to work, or a silly voice note update is a great way to feel like you’re part of each other's lives every day.

Send a letter across the miles

It’s a lovely feeling when you get a personal letter in the post, so why not write a letter or a postcard to your faraway friend? Putting pen to paper can be really therapeutic and a lovely way to communicate with doodles and stickers to personalise your words. 

Your friend will enjoy the anticipation of opening it up, the fun of reading it and finding time to write back.

Find something you can do ‘together’

It might be watching the same TV shows, playing online games against each other or following the same online fitness class. 

Sharing an interest whilst apart is a good way to have something to talk about with one another, something to connect over even while apart.

Send your long-distance friend a care package

Sending a care package is such a thoughtful idea and will make your friend feel really special. Think of their favourite skincare, snacks or buy a cute plush - if they don’t have a Wosh, why not send them one of their own?

You could include handwritten notes and pictures of you together and memories of things you’ve both enjoyed. This is a lovely way of keeping connected with one another.

Try to have your next face to face visit planned

Knowing that you’ve got a visit planned to see your friend can be really important, it shows that you are willing to make that extra effort for your friendship and helps you both have something to look forward to.

Send them a hug in the post

Showing someone that you care for them and that you are always thinking of them is the cutest gesture - just drop them the hug gif or heart emoji in a message every now and again. 

Or leave it to Wosh! Wosh encapsulates all that you get from a hug - warmth, companionship and love - send them a Wosh in the post, they’ll love it! Whether you want to buy a big plush, or get them a cute little plushie, Wosh comes in 3 different lovely hugable sizes.

We hope you’ve found these tips useful and that your long-distance friendships last for many more years to come!

With love from Wosh xx


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