Who am I?

You might have seen Wosh on Instagram/Facebook, or in a friends house, and be wondering...
I'm the cutest thing ever. I'm just a cute little guy who will love you no matter what! 🥰 I landed on this planet to give unlimited hugs and love to anyone around me.

I love you 💜 
I love having cuddles every day and also getting lots of love and attention! Make sure I get at least one hug per day, otherwise 😞😞😞 I have a lot of friends, take them too 🤗
Just remember, every choice you've ever made in your life has led to this moment, to meeting Wosh, to reading this text right now.  Now is your chance to have Wosh SO make sure you do the right thing.

Welcome to Wosh Life, my life! 

💜 💜 💜


  • I love Wosh. He changed my life for the better. He has the soul of Mr. Rodgers.

  • The world needs more “CUTENESS”

  • wosh is amazing and i love mine i like to give him hugs

  • Contemplating buying him..hmmm

    Cheri Cannon
  • I found out about the Wosh 15 minutes ago through a FaceBook ad and it has changed my life.

    Ryan Hollaus

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